Jubilee Praise Night Unites Members to Praise God with Musical Diversity

WGA 2016 Jubilee Praise NightWGA 2016 Jubilee Praise NightWGA 2016 Jubilee Praise NightWGA 2016 Jubilee Praise NightWGA 2016 Jubilee Praise NightWGA 2016 Jubilee Praise NightWGA 2016 Jubilee Praise NightWGA 2016 Jubilee Praise NightWGA 2016 Jubilee Praise NightWGA 2016 Jubilee Praise NightWGA 2016 Jubilee Praise NightWGA 2016 Jubilee Praise NightWGA 2016 Jubilee Praise NightWGA 2016 Jubilee Praise NightWGA 2016 Jubilee Praise Night

Nov 03, 2016


Sunday, October 30, the second night of WGA, Jubilee World hosted a graceful praise night in the Immanuel Chapel, Dover, New York. Jubilee members from New York, San Francisco, Nashville, St. Louis, Boston, and India united to form a concert program featuring vast musical diversity. The concert concluded with a powerful praise session, giving glory and thanks to God. By God's grace and mercy, Jubilee members, both experienced and new, could meet and support one another in unity.

The concert opened with an original song by Erin Oakley (Nashville) and Aaron Reppert, Jubilee World CEO. The song was professionally produced and recorded with visual lyric video. A selection of classical performance was presented. Shu-Yu Hsiung, a flutist from Jubilee New York, and P. Emily Ko, a violinist from Jubilee Nashville, each showcased beautifully arranged hymn instrumentals with accompanists Dorothy Li and Mifa Kim, respectively. Young brother John Lin, the son of P. Andrew and P. Borah, skillfully performed piano pieces by classical composers. The mesmerizing sounds of acoustic instruments left the audience in awe of God's grace.

The second part of the concert featured more original songs from Jubilee World. Nitya Thomas from Jubilee Chorus NYC sang "The Love of God," an original by Jubilee Australia leader P. Hyejin Jun. Joshua Allen, Jubilee USA representative, rallied the audience with "I chose Jesus and He chose me! Jesus, Jesus!" in his hip-hop original titled "Bullied," composed with P. Erin Yuan. Jubilee Dance member Ayana Wildgoose, with the partnership of Elizabeth White, danced to a heart-wrenching song called "Jacob's Song" that depicts the desperate wrestle between Jacob and God. Jubilee Chorus NYC members, in the end, delivered an exciting performance of "Joyful, Joyful" with dancers, exalting the name of the Lord with gratitude.

Finally, Jubilee Worship led the audience in a powerful praise and worship session. The band members are Robert Aviles (vocal), Erin Oakley (vocal), P. James Peter (guitar), Jerry Park (guitar), P. Marcus Lundin (bass), Mifa Kim (keyboard), Isaiah Pierce (drums), and P. Brian Kim (music advisor). The band tirelessly rehearsed for 2 nights, praying to welcome the power of the Holy Spirit to anoint each audience member's heart. Members praised God joyfully in the song "How Great Thou Art" to conclude the night.

Jubilee World members were filled with tremendous joy. Working with the Jubilee family members was an emotional experience, Robert testified. Having witnessed the true joy of praising the Lord in the audience, he knew the Lord used him in worship-leading. Nitya shared that it was moving to see everyone's hard work piled up, only for the sake of giving glory to God. Isaiah was in awe of the graceful relationships he built with Jubilee Worship members through rehearsal. The relationships were made possible only by Jesus, said Isaiah.

Jubilee will continue to witness musical, media, spiritual, and network developments worldwide, shared P. Aria Gwon to young members. The hope of congregating and performing in the newly acquired theater gave them beautiful hopes in serving God and His people. Please pray for Jubilee World and chapters across the world, that each may grow exponentially in the light of our Lord Jesus Christ.




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