2017 Summer Development & Volunteers Officially Completed

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Aug 08, 2017

On July 27, Jubilee World in St. Louis marked the completion of summer programs and development. Over 100 volunteers came to help with cleanup and community development for the campus during the summer. Volunteers came from YouthWorks, Mentors in Motion, Jubilee Latin America, all parts of the nation and the local St. Louis community to support the vision of community enrichment.

The executive team started preparing for the summer projects and development as early as the end of 2016. The major task was to complete needed renovations of the remaining dormitories before the end of the summer. This would double the capacity of people that could stay at the campus at one time to 50. Plans to make it possible for 100 people to stay at the campus are currently in development for next year. This will allow Jubilee World and organizations to utilize space for summer programs and volunteers.

In January 2017, Jubilee World HQ worked with community organizations and leaders to acquire all needed materials and resources to complete phase 2 of development for the facility. This included a long list of materials such as paint, flooring, tiles, tools and equipment. The collaboration was a major success with over a dozen organizations donating. This campaign took four months and by May the goal was reached and initial phase 2 renovations had started. One note worthy donation was from a paint company "Paint Away" which donated 100 gallons of paint and has committed to supply paint for the entire campus renovation project.

"We have a major task in the remaining months to prepare for the renovations to start in 2018. But, the structure and plan we created during this year was a major success and we will continue with the same structure for 2018. We pray that 2018 will open more opertunities and resources for the surrounding communities", stated Aaron Reppert.



Latest News

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  • Jubilee Symphony Orchestra St. Louis Held Staff Meeting

    On October 5th, Jubilee Orchestra St. Louis held an important meeting regarding upcoming Christmas concert at the Jubilee World HQ.
    Jubilee Fellowship department director, began the meeting with an introduction to Jubilee World's history and root established by Olivet Assembly. It is very important to share what God has done and continues to do with the development of Jubilee World, to everyone involve in each of the musical departments.For Jubilee believes that God will steer their hearts to greatly develop these departments.

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