Jubilee World Set to Walk an Influential Year by Faith in 2019

Jubilee World 2019

Jan 02, 2019


Jubilee World enters the new year with renewed hope from the Word of God. As we look forward to the new blessings in the coming year, Jubilee's focus of 2019 will be on Jubilee Orpheum Theater, Jubilee World headquarter, and mission statistics and strategies.

Jubilee anticipates the grand opening of Jubilee Orpheum Theater at Jubilee World 17th General Assembly in July, 2019. Acquired two years ago, the Jubilee Orpheum Theater has undergone renovations, lighting design, and stage developments. Its grand opening will not only restore God's glory in this historical landmark, the theater will become the mission platform where thousands of professional musicians and seekers of Christ may be reached in St. Louis.

Jubilee focuses on strengthening its headquarter staff. Jubilee staff will manage various departments, including networking, leaders' conference, membership training, finance, and music productions. Jubilee Entertainment will mass produce Jubilee's original music videos and sound tracks, as auditions, rehearsals, and production enrichment courses will be offered to interested musicians, actors, sound engineers, and artists of all fields.

With these main goals, Jubilee World prays to accomplish another year by faith, by the grace of Jesus Christ.  



Latest News

  • Jubilee World to Hold Jubilee Youth Music and Dance Camp

    Jubilee Word and Olivet Teen Mission North America are uniting together to host Jubilee Youth Music and Dance Camp. This opportunity will allow teens to understand the meaning of worship while also gaining practical experience by preparing for a special performance for Jubilee World’s General Assembly.