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Jubilee World Membership

Become a member of the Center for Music and the Performing Arts at Jubilee World. When you become a member, you join a network of like-minded passionate and creative people who believe in proclaiming God through music, self-expression and the performing arts as a family.

Jubilee World is a non-denominational Christian artist fellowship that provides the stage with a first class theater venue, sanctuary and performing arts training center in St. Louis, MO. We give the resources to perform and develop your creative talents. Members have the chance to perform locally and travel on concert tours through our global network. You also get training from seasoned instructors in your desired field in the arts. Our members help us bring world-renowned music, theatre, and dance to the center stage through praise and worship.

Membership Levels

Participating Member

Become an entry participating member and experience what Jubilee World has to offer. Get membership perks such as access to the computer lab, music rooms, entry lessons and special event invitations. Meet and greet fellow artists and staff.

Supporting Member

Perhaps you are not able to participate physically but still want to contribute. As a supporting member you can help by donating and growing the fellowship. Get membership perks such as special event invitations, tax deductions and recognition for your contributions.

Plus Member

All Plus members have the desire in becoming a Dedicated Member and joining the Jubilee World Artist Group to perform on stage at renowned events. With Plus Membership you get complete guidance, training and experience to groom yourself for the performance stage.

Dedicated Member

All dedicated members have completed the final audition process, training program and are on the Jubilee World Artist Group. Members perform in events, have the chance to go on concert tours and contribute on album/media projects.