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Membership Q&A

Q: How do I become a member and get started?

A: You can join online or enroll in person at any regional chapter or center. As an entry level member you can experience what Jubilee World has to offer. Get membership perks such as access to the computer lab, music rooms, entry lessons and special event invitations.


Q: Do I have to belong to the Jubilee Church to be a member?

A: No. We are a non-denominational Christian performing arts fellowship consisting of musicians and artists that attended different churches. We provide a free spirited platform through fellowship to worship and praise the Lord together. The Jubilee Church is an extension providing church services for our members and community. It is not a requirement to be a member of the Jubilee Church, although members find it beneficial and a great resource.


Q: Is Jubilee World a church?

A: No. We are a fellowship family consisting of passionate musicians and artists that work together to hold concerts, events and collectively come together praising God.


Q: Is there a membership fee?

A: No. Jubilee World is a non-profit organization and we do not charge for membership. We encourage all members to participate building the fellowship and events while Jubilee provides amazing venues and first class resources. With the different membership levels you can dictate how much you wish to be involved comfortably.


Q: I want to join but need more training. Can I still become a member?

A: Yes. We believe that everyone has a God given talent. At Jubilee World you can observe and develop your talent through our vast programs, internships and mentorships. Membership can be upgraded as one develops talents and leadership skills.


Q: How do I join the Jubilee Worship Band?

A: All musicians on the Jubilee Worship Band are Dedicated Members and have passed the audition process, Jubilee Music & Arts Training Program and are in the Jubilee Artist Group. Everyone can start by becoming a Participating Member and going through the audition and development process steps.


Q: Is Jubilee World a school?

A: No. We incorporate training, education and leadership programs through our various extensions and school partnerships. This ensures you get quality training and education.


Q: I am not a musician but have experience in design and other areas. Can I still join Jubilee?

A: Yes. We believe that everyone has a God given talent. At Jubilee World you can contribute to many areas in the fellowship such as graphic design, media and coordinating for events. Whatever your passion, Jubilee can find a place for you to groom your skills.


Q: I enrolled in one city but will be moving. Is my membership transferable?

A: Yes. Jubilee World has many regional chapters in the USA and selected countries. You can transfer to any regional city or country keeping your membership while still participating as desired.


Q: Does membership expire?

A: No. Membership does not currently have an expiration. However, we do review membership levels and member participation annually. For Dedicated Members, if participation is low for certain circumstances you can transfer to a Participating Member for a short time and vise versa. This gives other members a chance to participate.