Jubilee World HQ Holds Community Painting Event

Apr 23, 2017

Jubilee World moved forward completing its first phase of renovations for 2017 at HQ on April 22nd. The previous 3 months was a phase of acquiring materials, tools, and donations to fund the campus renovations for community programs.

Jubilee HQ is collaborating with local community organizations to acquire volunteers for the ongoing campus renovations. The first volunteer day was sponsored by Mentors in Motion, a St. Louis based performing arts mentorship program. Community leaders and up to 20 volunteers worked together painting the 2nd floor to prepare the music rehearsal rooms, classrooms and recording studios which is planned to fully open in August. 100 students are planned to attend the first programs in the fall.

In addition to the 2nd floor renovations, volunteers prepared rooms in the basement to construct a fitness gym. With needed collaborations and volunteers, Jubilee HQ is able to fulfill the needed workload in a short time.

Various members, including Abandon Pitts the director of Mentors in Motion arrived at Jubilee World HQ to support the ongoing renovations and activities. Mr. Pitts said, "It is a blessing to have Jubilee World as a important resource for the community, and it feels great to serve a community in which I was raised." "It is a blessing to experience work in unity, and serving each other to accomplish a common vision", Mr. Pitts added.

God continues to equip His people for work of service in each ministry, by providing strong foundations. As ministries develop, the responsibilities to maintain these foundations increases. HQ leadership realized how important milestones and goals are to accomplish the vision.

Volunteers from local organizations are planned to fully launch in May lasting until August at the campus. HQ has developed a detailed timeline and resources allowing volunteers to work efficiently, organized and on a schedule to complete the renovation tasks.

Jubilee World continues to reach out to local organizations to share the mission and plans to bring the Lord's vision alive. Please pray for continued guidance and strength from the Lord to complete the major tasks at Jubilee HQ.

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