Jubilee China Finished First Original Praise Song Demo, Available on YouTube Channel as “Jubilee中文原创Demo”


Jun 01, 2018


In order to continue spreading Jesus' gospel, Jubilee China eagerly finishes up first original praise song demo and makes it available to people, through YouTube channel. Reaching people's heart trough worship songs it's one of the one of the ways to spread good news. 

Jubilee China leader, shared "The purpose of this youtube channel is share Chinese original songs demos timely, because a final production of a song takes a long time, but demos can be done more simply and easier. I hope to upload Chinese original praise and worship songs demos regularly, I hope these songs can express well God's word, God's Kingdom, His promise etc. Also to strengthen members faith as we work for His kingdom together."

"I hope we can try to write songs in a style that can be more easier accepted by our Chinese members and also other Chinese Christians. Chinese people have some certain taste about music style, we need to learn and apply it to our original songs, so message through music can go into hearts easier," Jubilee China leader added. 

Please pray that China can have more Chinese original songs to glorify God. 



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