Jubilee Worship SF Tour Fulfills 2019 Milestone; Graceful Worship Night Revives Members' Hearts

Jubilee tourJubilee tourJubilee tourJubilee tourJubilee tourJubilee tour

Feb 06, 2019


In God's great grace and faithfulness, the first Jubilee World Worship Tour successfully concluded in San Francisco. This was a long-anticipated milestone in Jubilee World's goal: to begin worship tour in US and around the world. At the first stop, 7 Jubilee members participated in playing the worship night, leading more than one hundred SF members, including Olivet University faculties, to sing to the Lord with uproars of praise. The worship setlist invited members to prepare hearts before God, to sing and jump proclaiming "Nothing is Impossible" and "I Am Free." The Jubilee signatures, "Only the Cross" (in Chinese and English) and "Do You Know the Meaning of the Cross," guided members to repent sincerely and newly devote themselves to walking the path of the cross and resurrection with Lord Jesus Christ. 

SF worship night was very graceful and successful. Not just the end result (a smooth and graceful worship night), but the process of members' growth in faith was witnessed through prayer time with Elim team and representative, P. Hannah Yin. Jubilee SF also received much spiritual support and growth as a new chapter.

As well, Jubilee HQ staff presented about the ministry and the gifts that God has given to Jubilee, HQ building, Nashville Jubilee School, the Orpheum Theater, and OU St. Louis I-20 approval. Invitations were given to members in SF to join Jubilee 17th GA, they responded with great excitement. And students were welcomed to come to Jubilee HQ during spring break.

Jubilee Tour members shared their reflections about this trip:

Marcus Lundin, guitarist and vocalist, shared, "Looking back at the first stop on what we prayerfully believe will expand into our very first world tour, there is a whirlpool of feelings and thoughts swirling around in my heart and mind. First of all I'm grateful to be invited along for the ride and be able to experience this pivotal pioneering moment in our music ministry first-hand, as a member of the team.

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to everyone who volunteered, organized and supported this effort from behind the scenes as well, whether financially, physically, emotionally or spiritually. One word that stands out in my heart is victory; this was a great victory for Jubilee and fulfilling the purpose of this ministry for God's kingdom. It was also a great personal victory. Everyone on the team selflessly sacrificed their time, comfort and possessions, overcoming tiredness, sickness, injuries, hunger, anxieties, material limitations and more to accomplish this event.

With God behind and before us and at the center of it all, the gathering grew beyond merely a concert to become an impactful spiritual event where the Holy Spirit took hold of our hearts and poured new life, joy, hope, and grace into the weary and thirsty souls of both the audience and the team members. Stepping out on a frozen lake you have to be careful.

Every risky step becomes an exhilarating exercise of faith to see whether or not the ice will hold. When it holds, however, and you feel the solid ground beneath your feet, you are overwhelmed by a sense of relief and safety, knowing that you're going where you're supposed to go. In many ways, the concert in San Francisco was a step of faith with many unknowns lurking in the background. However, seeing how God worked in San Francisco, I felt a tangible sense of relief and affirmation from The Spirit, that this is a step in the right direction for the greater vision of Jubilee to be used for His Kingdom."


Erin Oakley, lead singer, shared, "I really enjoyed our time in San Francisco and feel God's heart yearning for that city to find their destiny IN HIM. God says in His word that what we sow in tears we will reap with great joy, I believe that is SO true for not only the San Francisco campus, but also for so many of our ministries, including Jubilee. It also says in God's word that He will give us the desires of our heart- I believe this truly means He's the one who puts His desires in our hearts, and I feel that Jubilee's vision and mission and this tour align with His dreams/desire!

My favorite part of the worship night was when all the Chinese members sang along loudly with Shawn in their own language, I was so touched by that moment I could cry. What joy it must bring to God's heart to hear His children worshiping Him in their own language.

I am so thankful to be invited and included on this team, and loved all the prophecies received from Elim about what God would do and is doing - I was very encouraged by all this and am very excited to see what God has in store for all of us around the corner!"


Binyu Zhao, Jubilee SF representative, shared, "Thank God for letting our team get together and hold this worship concert. Although this concert is done, this is just the beginning for the jubilee worship tour. God wants to do great things through Jubilee, he really wants to achieve the greater dream of God's kingdom through us.

In the concert, I truly feel the presence of God, nothing can let us enter the glory of God more than in praise. Although there are many difficulties and battles in the process of preparation, we still have to praise and thank our great God. He gave us the most glorious position, to lead the people of God to worship him. At the moment of praise, let the kingdom of heaven come to the earth, so that all souls can return to God. I can feel this worship night is a graceful start for Jubilee worship tour in 2019.

May God bless us to go to more places and bring the gospel to more people who is awaiting the savior Jesus Christ."




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