Praise & Worship

Proclaiming to all peoples the message of hope, healing and spiritual freedom as found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


We hold regular fellowship meetings in order to help artists have a deeper understanding of the Word of God.


We offer its students an educational experience like no other, geared toward and focused completely on their future in ministry


Jubilee has a commitment in providing excellence and exceptional talent with an unwavering vision to glorify God and his name

News & Updates

May 03, 2016

New Worship Member Committed to Serve Jubilee World Australia

A new worship member has committed to serve the Jubilee World Australia Worship ministry. From now on, he will help recruitment efforts, as well as organizing a worship team. ...

May 02, 2016

Jubilee Church Member Testifies Life Change on Sunday Service

On 1st May, Jubilee Church held Sunday service continuing the series of reflecting on idols in our life. This week the message was about success. Most people's life dream is to gain success. This means lots of power, fame and possessions. ...

Apr 28, 2016

Jubilee Worship Korea Released Monthly Album in April Issue 'His Way'

Jubilee Worship Korea released Monthly Album in April issue 'His Way' and the digital single song was launched offically in the public music website. ...

Apr 26, 2016

Jubilee Philippines Held Worship Concert with New Members

Following a week of intense preparation and daily practices, in addition to active evangelism everyday to promote the event, Jubilee Philippines held its first worship concert on April 24th, which celebrates the joy of salvation in Christ through ...

Jubilee Media

Jubilee Worship - Apollo Theater Concert

Jubilee World Headquarter

C.P.E Bach - Simfonia in B Minor Wq182 No.5

Jubilee Chamber Concert


  • Jubilee Symphony Orchestra

    The Jubilee Symphony Orchestra is an orchestral-focused branch of its parent ministry, Jubilee World.

  • Jubilee Chorus

    Jubilee Chorus is a classical choral ministry devoted to give opportunities for Christians with classical backgrounds to serve God and to have fellowship with other musicians.

  • Jubilee Worship

    Jubilee Worship is a Christian music ministry comprised of individuals passionate for the Lord and gifted in contemporary music.

  • Jubilee Dance

    Jubilee Dance is a ministry of Passionate dancers who dance for the glory of God and serious about proclaiming the message of God through the performing.

  • Jubilee Music

    Jubilee Music is a Christian music agency. Simply speaking, it is like integrating Christian themes in other popular music entertainment agencies.

  • The Jubilee School

    The Jubilee School is the premier training ground for future generations of Jubilee World leadership.

  • Jubilee Kids School

    Jubilee Kids strives to provide a supportive learning environment and levels of ability and serves its community.

  • Jubilee Church

    Jubilee Church is a place to remember the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ, as He showed through His sacrifice on the cross, opening the way for our salvation.

  • JubileeCast

    JubileeCast is the largest and most extensive online source for Christian music in the nation.