Jubilee World Online Conference Witnesses International Growth


Aug 31, 2016

Monday, August 29, 2016, Jubilee World conducted an online conference with international and US representatives. Leaders reported on the tremendous progress of Jubilee ministry in their states and countries. Praise the Lord.

With thanksgiving, Jubilee World HQ shared the great news of Jubilee World's achievement of four goals by God's grace: the establishment of Jubilee headquarter, the Orpheum theater, the Jubilee School, and 49 houses in St. Louis. Representatives received the news with awe and gratitude. Jubilee World HQ urged the representatives to pray with unity for God's continuous provision for Jubilee.

God has blessed many regions with an increasing number of musicians who are being trained in musicianship and spirituality.

Eduardo Miranda, the representative of Jubilee Bolivia, reported that Jubilee Worship of Bolivia held practice for their first worship night. They will also record their original songs.

Marcos, Jubilee Argentina representative, also asked leaders to pray for the purchase of a sound mixer and speaker for the worship team. As Argentinian members grow, Jubilee will pray for their commitment to serving the Kingdom of God through devotion to Jubilee.

Pastor Micah Li of Jubilee China shared that Jubilee members are receiving worship training these days. "Everyone is receiving lessons and abundance grace from God," he reported with joy. "Through this way some Christians got to know Jubilee and want to attend fellowship and serve together in the future."
Tungaa, Jubilee Mongolia representative, shared about the progress in Mongolia. Many teenager musicians have been participating in guitar lessons and Bible studies. They were also introduced to the vision and mission of Jubilee through Jubilee websites.

Erin Oakley of Jubilee Nashville fervently prayed for these teenagers of Jubilee Mongolia during the online conference. "I'm praying for them that the fire of God would burn brightly in them that they would be FULLY set apart for the work of the Lord, the building of His Kingdom, and the sharing of His testimony throughout all the earth."

God united Jubilee World leaders' hearts through the growth and testimonies across the globe. Jubilee leaders will continue to pray, to seek God, and to give thanks to God for His faithful provision.

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