Jubilee Worship to Establish Original Song DB and Translation System

Original Compositions

Jun 12, 2018


With the strong belief in being able to bring revival of Jesus movement in WOA churches through original songs that contain the words of God and culture that its members share in common, Jubilee Worship is now establishing system to share written Jubilee songs with one another internally, in different major languages.

While gathering old and new Jubilee songs from songwriters around the world, songs are being selected to have translations in English, Chinese, and Korean, and to have lyric video with acoustic setting audio recording. Currently 8 lyric videos have been created, and team aims to finish 15 videos by upcoming Jubilee anniversary.

Database for local worship team's use will be stored in Google Drive, YouTube (unlisted setting), and Baidu Pan. Google forms to receive feedback from members will soon be created to provide to the album project committees of each country to be considered for their next recordings.

Further protocols such as how to confirm final version of translated title and lyric, how to identify good songs to move forward with translation and full arrangement will soon be decided.

If you are a songwriter and have songs to submit, or part of worship team and want to get an access to the database of original songs, please contact Jubilee Worship Department by contacting your regional Jubilee leaders.


And please enjoy our samples below!

If I Touch the Edge of His Cloak (触摸/옷에만손을대어도)



I May Walk in Your Way  (我愿跟随你道路/주의길가게하소서)





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