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Jubilee Music Program

Jubilee World is committed to providing services and programs to our communities to inspire individuals in developing their talents in the performing arts and media. But, we can not do it without the help of wonderful organizations, individuals and the community making it possible.

Our programs count on obtaining musical instruments to supply the ever demanding need for students and members in the communities. Here at Jubilee, we have a clear vision: to be the place where a diverse mix of faithful, talented people can gather, learn, motivate and do their best work building individual's skills and self-esteem.

Jubilee World conducts numerous concerts and events throughout the year for the community, many of which require help and services. Providing musical instruments such as pianos, guitars, bass, violins, cellos and drums insures that we include everyone who has a passion in the performing arts.

Jubilee World Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable corporation. You may deduct donations from your federally-taxable income.

Musical Instrument Donations

Jubilee Music Program

Jubilee World accepts musical instrument donations for the community and our educational programs. Helping a student to develop their talent and learn discipline in music and the arts. Your donation will help community programs develop and individuals thrive with passion and creativity.


Jubilee Volunteers

"Volunteers are the Driving Force of Change"

We recognize that our volunteers provide Jubilee with a resource of talent that is unavailable in any other way. Jubilee values this contribution and hopes to offer each volunteer a satisfying, productive, and rewarding experience while making a big impact in communities and individuals.

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