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Worship & Praise

Through Jubilee he or she is investing time to fulfill the will of God in each Christian's life in comforting God's people through worship, bring the good news to the lost souls who needs the gospel, gain unique personal experience in a performing arts ministry, and forming a supporting network with local and global artists who share the same passion, dream and faith.

From refreshing weary souls to strengthening struggle faith, opening hardened hearts to inspiring deeper convictions, performing arts has the ability to touch people lives like nothing else can. In Isaiah 40:1 it is written: Comfort, comfort my people, says your God.

As Christian artists, you have the opportunity to make a difference in other believers faith. Through Worship Nights,Public Performances, Printed Publications, Music Recordings, Inspirational Video and Online Resources, Jubilee will provide supplements to the faith of Christians.


With the performing arts as our medium, Jubilee works towards a goal of recovering our fellowship with God and internationally cultivating an entertainment industry and culture that is centered on Christ. It is not about one church, one denomination, or one particular race of people or culture, but it is about the universal growth of performing arts and media in the body of Christ.

In addition to your personal growth in your talent and your faith, Jubilee is a place where you can meet many other artists who are in similar situations as you, with the same dreams and hopes. Jubilee will be local city hubs for Christian artists to meet, support, and co-work with one another.


Jubilee provides resources that can be used for educators in the field of worship and the arts. Whether it's through The Jubilee School,Jubilee Publishing books and magazines, or Jubilee Worship conferences, our resources are available to further the studies and understanding of worship and the arts. We are also continuously in search of new faculty, minstructors, and staff for our growing institutions


Jubilee has a commitment in providing excellence and exceptional talent with an unwavering vision to glorify God and his name. Our staff strives to create a positive, challenging and rewarding environment for our artists, songwriters, producers and partners. We strive to impact popular culture and worship via music and media.

Jubilee Entertainment consists of Jubilee Music Group which houses Jubilee artists, songwriters and in­house producers. Our Nashville facility features a 3200+ square foot auditorium with performance stage, 300 seating and digitally automated PA/ lighting system. In addition, our facility includes a video green screen, Pro Tools recording studio with 2 tracking rooms, production suite and training center.

Along with the production facility, The Jubilee School discovers, trains and develops artists with it’s various curriculums, camps and workshops. This prepares artists for success and then markets and promotes their music across a wide array of formats, media and platforms under the Jubilee Entertainment umbrella.