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Music & Performing Arts Fellowship

Jubilee is a fellowship comprised of a globally diverse and eclectic body of musicians, dancers, actors, and members purposed to glorify God through the sacrifices of praise and worship.

Jubilee utilizes song, dance, and all other forms of expression found within the performing arts and media to sound one loud and unified spiritual trumpet call, proclaiming to all peoples the message of hope, healing and spiritual freedom as found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Through this Gospel, Jubilee wishes to bring truth and life back into today's entertainment industry and culture, transforming them into mediums to be used for God's will and purposes.

Mission Statement

Jubilee is a performing arts and media ministry purposed to glorify God by leading the nations into united worship of Him. Through humble, passionate, and skillful offerings of praise and worship, Jubilee wishes to proclaim to all peoples a message of hope, healing and spiritual freedom as found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to empower God's people with the truth and joy of salvation for the transformation of culture and society into one that is centered on Jesus Christ.

Our Worldwide Leadership

  • President
    Aaron Reppert
  • CEO & General Secretary
    Dorothy Li
    Marcus Lundin

International Network

  • North America
    Melvin Esteen
  • Asia Pacific
    Hosea Yang
    Hyejin Jun
  • China
    Micha Li
  • Europe
    Xavier Plais
  • Eurasia
    Sergey Cherevatenko
  • Latin America
    Eduardo Miranda
  • Africa
    Shallon Tusingwire


Statement of Faith

Contact Us

Jubilee World Center
Email : info@jubileeworld.org
Phone : 314-696-2394
Address: 5341 Emerson Ave, St. Louis, MO 63120

We are eager to receive any feedback from you, so feel free to contact us with any questions or comments about our ministry.

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