Jubilee Orchestra Korea Performs A Retreat Concert with New Members

Jubilee Orchestra Performs A Retreat Concert with New Members

Aug 27, 2018


Recently, Jubilee Orchestra performed a precious retreat concert with new members.  

On Sunday service, Jubilee Orchestra performed, 'Nella Fantasia' and 'Deliverer of Cross' during offering time. The music was deeply comforting by the beautiful melodies and harmonies through sounds of flute, violin, viola and harp. 

Jubilee Orchestra, Joanna Jang, shared "I thank God for allowing us to worship Him through Orchestra concert. I prayed God and also joined vigil prayer night. For this prayer we wishes that 4 musicians could join the concert. Amazingly, more people joined through when we have the recruitment.

"Through this experience, I felt that God always listens to our prayers and let us not fails. I found a hope that if I ask and pray to God for praising him, God will work and answer my prayers," she added last. 

Please, pray that Jubilee Orchestra can bring many more musicians to praise God together.



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