Jubilee World HQ Partnership with YouthWorks Begins in New Month


Jun 02, 2019


The first day of June, Jubilee World Headquarters welcomed four YouthWorks staff members to its partnership. Jubilee World had collaborated with YouthWorks pleasantly in few years prior, where groups of teenagers volunteered time and effort to beautify the Jubilee World campus. This is the first year that Jubilee World will be the housing partner of YouthWorks, providing lodging to around 70 youths, staffs, and adult chaperones. YouthWorks is a faith-based organization that trains youths, during summer time, to practice the gospel of Christ through serving the local communities.

Jubilee HQ staffs showed the campus and building to YouthWorks staffs on this day, who were tremendously excited for Jubilee HQ building's potential and visions. The 4 staff members will stayed with Jubilee for eight weeks. Meanwhile, every week a new rotation of 70 participants will arrive at Jubilee HQ, 10-15 of whom will be dedicated to volunteering for Jubilee World. YouthWorks' presence, guided by and consulted with Jubilee HQ staffs, will add vibrancy and dynamic to Jubilee World HQ, in addition to potentials for evangelism and ongoing collaboration. May the Holy Spirit guide Jubilee World in this partnership with wisdom and grace of God, to move every step toward building His Kingdom by faith. 



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