Jubilee Records, Produces Cross-Centered Songs to Strengthen Faith in Lent Period

Jubilee production

Mar 30, 2019


Jubilee takes on the music production project in the period of Lent, an ongoing pursuit of Jubilee World's 2019 goals. Artist Aria Gwon, as well as vocalist Jochebed Esteen, participated in recording sessions under the direction of producer Aaron Reppert. Recording selections were chosen based on the lyrical depths that illuminate Jesus' unconditional love for us sinners, as demonstrated by his sacrifice on the cross. Cross-centered songs will be crucial during Lent, in hope of prompting believers to meditate more deeply on the cross of Christ, and experience his death and resurrection. Jubilee prays that, in the trying time of Lent when all believers are carrying the cross together, Jubilee may live out its commission in praising the Lord to strengthen the members in need. 




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