Jubilee Chamber And Jubilee Worship Australia Continues Fellowship Gracefully

Jubilee Australia

Mar 05, 2019


Juiblee Chamber team started the gathering from Feburary. By they start the fellowship with studying the Bible, and prayer, they try to put faith before the music.  The sharing time after the Bible study led the new member to open her heart to share her difficulties, so they could have very graceful time. 

Jubilee Chamber music aims recording their own music from July. They also plan to visit schools to evangelize people through music. Before they start activities officially, they're going to have house concert in April. 

House concert is good to reach to small group of people deeply. Jubilee Chamber music members pray God touches people's heart through the music, and they can bring them back to God. 

Jubilee Worship started its activities from the concert in January, and keeps regular fellowship and rehearsal. Last year, they studied on sermon on the mount, and from this year they started studying of the four Gospel. Recently in the gathering before the Lent starts, the Jubilee leader delivered the message John 15 which talks about the true Joy. It gave members to meditate on the meaning of the cross deeply. 

This time they were invited to one local community group for evangelical event. The upcoming event will be on March 16.



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