Jubilee World Concert, God's Love Deeply Touches Multitudes' Heart

Jubilee World concert

Oct 30, 2019

At the height of 2019 World General Assembly, by God's grace Jubilee World curated a graceful concert on the WOA Anniversary day. A total of 10 performances were featured. Each performance was hand-picked to represent high-quality and grace-filled talents. Jubilee Dance gave two dance numbers: "Risen," an upbeat, energetic group dance, and "If I Just Touch the Edge of His Cloak," a worship interpretive dance choreographed to one of Jubilee World's original songs. OTM Dover presented a comical, and deeply meaninful, skit titled "Take the Wheel." When Jesus takes the wheel of our lives, we will have companions like joy, peace, and love, and all other passengers that don't belong, like fame, money, depression, will all have to take a hike. 

Classical performances beautifully conveyed God's love and magnificence in each talent. Teens from LA, performed a refreshing guitar solo, "Shepherd of My Soul," and a classical piano solo by Chopin, "Nocturne Op. 9, No. 2." Viola solo "I Will Bless You," and the piano trio "The Prayer," immersed members in the tranquil world of acousitic strings and piano. 

Group vocal performances featured a duet "Do You Know the Meaning of the Cross." This Jubilee classic once again reminded everyone of the deep love of God that send His one and only Son to earth, so that all who believe in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. The all-time favorite a cappella group presented "You Raise Me Up" with 7 singers. Touching vocals, coupled with humorous nuances, had the audience engaged in laughter and reverence. Finally, Jubilee Chorus sang a well-received "My Tribute (to God be the Glory)" and provided an encore of "He Leadeth Me." 

Jubilee concert successfully concluded with a graceful prayer of blessing. Many technological upgrades, including real-time broadcast and multiple broadcasting screens, heightened the resulting reception of the concert--members went home filled by the grace of God. All glory to the Lord for guiding the concert night with His powerful Holy Spirit. May Jubilee World continue to be a channel of blessing to our community through professional production of music and praise. 




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