Jubilee Promotes "Praise Book 120" to Support Churches, Fellowships, Families

Jubilee Praise Books

Nov 21, 2019

Jubilee HQ and Jubilee Worship Department witnessed abundant harvest of the newest worship resource, "Jubilee Praise Book 120." More than 100 books were sold to ministers and members who wished to increase their storage of praises to the Lord. Many families also purchased praise books for their children, in hopes to raise a generation of faithful worshipers before God. Jubilee gives thanks to God for this bountiful beginning of praise book sales. 

This second edition of Jubilee Praise Book features timeless, well-known songs that are the most relevant to our community's messages. Jubilee Worship department hand-picked 124 songs in total, 14 of which being Jubilee Worship's original songs. The larger print size allows singers and instrumentalists to read music more easily and accessible page-turns, while spiral bound ensures the books to last for many years to come. 

These praise books can, and made with such intention, assist pioneering churches to start praise sessions effortlessly, during morning services or at Bible studies. Regular worshippers or advanced musicians can all adjust well to these sheet music. 

Jubilee prays that the production of praise books can bring blessings to pioneering OA churches and developing ministries throught the culture of offering constant praises to the Lord. 



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